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Frequently Asked Questions

DentoShine Gel Toothpaste for Kids

Kids are constantly growing and during their development stage, their oral care needs change and develop as well. 

So it’s important to make sure you choose products that are designed for each stage of your child’s development.

Kids over 2 years of age can use toothpaste containing fluoride, maximum 500 ppm in formulation. 

That is approved quantity by FDCA.

500 ppm fluoride content in kids toothpaste formulation is the maximum allowable and approved quantity by FDCA (Food and Drug Control Administration). 

This amount of fluoride helps protection against cavity.

Kids need proper explanation on how to brush during their early years. 

That is why adult should supervise to make sure kid is following proper procedure during brushing and teeth/tongue cleaning.

This toothpaste helps to make it a fun experience for kids, while brushing their teeth with their favorite cartoon characters from Chhota Bheem team and fighting against cavities, dental germs and bad breath.