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DentoShine Toothbrush

Toothbrush with bristles was invented in 1498. Since then they have become an indispensible part of our day to day routine. DentoShine kids toothbrush are ergonomically designed with soft rubber induced body to ensure firm grip.They come with extra soft bristles for protecting your kids enamel while ensuring complete cleaning. Try them today with our kids toohpastes to make brushing fun every day and night!

Easy Grip

Make brushing as easy as it is named! Our Easy grip toothbrush is uniquely shaped to make it easy for young kids to hold it by themselves. It’s gentle rubber linning on the head protects gums from getting hurt.

STiCKY Brush (2 Plus)

Your kid will never say “NO” to hold our STiCKY Brush. Give them something they can play with and see how it can make your brushing task easier. Help your kid get exciting brushing experience with our fun-filled toothbrush which comes with extra Soft bristles. It comes with a hygiene cap to protect it from germs, dust and insects.

Comfy Grip (5 Plus)

Toothbrush that resembles how your teeth should be, Strong and sturdy! . As your kids grow up so has to be their toothbrush. Our COMFY Grip toothbrush is just the right one that your kid above 5 years would needs. It is designed to exert optimum pressure while brushing which doesn’t harm their teeth and provides complete cleaning of accumulated plaque.


Zoom Zoom Zippy! Can there be a better toy than a car? Our Zippy toothbrush will bring smile on your kids face simply by looking at it and along with it’s extra soft bristles we promise you that your kid will love to brush twice a day. Let their adventure begin!