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DentoShine Sonic Plus Electric Toothbrush for kids (Ages 3+) | 3 modes of cleaning & 2 extra brush heads (Pink)


Experience a revolution in kid’s oral care with the DentoShine Sonic Plus Toothbrush for kids Age 3+, an extraordinary toothbrush designed for those who appreciate the finer details in their dental routine. Boasting an impressive 19,000 strokes per minute and featuring extra-soft bristles, this toothbrush offers a gentle yet highly effective cleaning experience then ordinary toothbrush. Upgrade your child’s oral care routine with the DentoShine Sonic Plus Toothbrush – where gentle precision meets advanced technology for a dazzling smile that reflects your commitment to excellence. Order now and embark on a new era of oral wellness!

Extra Soft Bristles for Supreme Comfort: Elevate your brushing experience with ultra-soft bristles that gently massage your gums while effectively cleaning your teeth. The DentoShine Sonic Plus Toothbrush is perfect for kids aged 3-15.
19000 Strokes/Min – Precision at Its Peak: Unleash the power of 19,000 strokes per minute for a thorough and efficient clean. The advanced sonic technology effortlessly reaches every nook and cranny, ensuring a deep clean that leaves your teeth feeling refreshingly polished.
3 Cleaning Modes & Smart indicators: Tailor your brushing experience to your unique needs with three distinct cleaning modes – choose between Clean, Sensitive, and Massage modes for a personalized touch that caters to your oral health requirements. Also, Auto blink in vibration for side change indicator every 30 secs & Auto off after 2 mins (4 side change)
IPX7 Waterproof – Shower-Friendly Brilliance: Embrace the convenience of an IPX7 waterproof design, allowing you to confidently use your DentoShine Sonic Plus Toothbrush in the shower or at the sink without worry. A toothbrush that keeps up with your dynamic lifestyle.
Rechargeable & Long-lasting: The DentoShine Sonic Plus Toothbrush is not just powerful; it’s also eco-friendly. With a rechargeable battery, enjoy sustained usage and the freedom to indulge in a consistent oral care routine without the hassle of constantly replacing batteries. Its endurance is approximately 30 days.
Rainbow Light for a Splash of Joy: Turn your brushing routine into a vibrant experience with the rainbow light feature. Illuminate your smile with a burst of colors, making each brushing session a delightful ritual.
Bonus Essentials Included: Enhance your oral care arsenal with two extra brush heads and hygiene caps, complete with 3D stickers for a touch of personalization. Keep your toothbrush protected and your smile radiant, ensuring optimal hygiene at all times.




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